Economic & Community Development

Committed to growing Alabama

For more than 90 years, Alabama Power Company has invested in the responsible growth and economic development of Alabama. Our efforts today are grounded in the same principle: "What's good for Alabama is good for Alabama Power."

Our economic and community development website, at, offers

  • Comprehensive information on available buildings and sites in Alabama.
  • Complete labor force and demographic information for every community in Alabama—including the ability to compare and contrast Alabama communities with any community in the United States.
  • A thorough overview of the state's primary business taxes and statutory incentive programs.  
  • Late-breaking news impacting economic development in Alabama.

Economic Development Incentives

Changes are being made to Rate LPS (Light and Power - Small) that will expand the applicability of the rate creating potential savings for thousands of customers who may now qualify to move to the modified rate. EDI (Economic Development Incentive) designed to promote and enhance economic development by offering price incentives for load additions on major expansions for new businesses when creating new jobs. Learn more about the Economic Development Incentives.