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When comparing rates among utilities that do not directly compete with one another, it is important to consider a wide range of factors. Aside from structural differences like terrain and population density, you must also consider other parts of the value equation: reliability, customer service and severe weather response.

Alabama Power consistently rates among the highest in the nation in reliability and customer service. The tireless effort of Alabama Power crews to restore service after storm-related outages is recognized as best-in-class, both locally and in other states where they lend a hand.

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New Power Delivery system improves reliability, crew safety

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Celebrating the people who serve our customers

Alabama Power tops the chart for social customer service

Learn more about Alabama Power’s severe weather restoration:

Alabama Power restores service to all customers following storms of March 18

Hurricane Ivan anniversary

Alabama Power Wins Emergency Assistance Award

Demand Pricing Index
HLF High Load Factor Industrial (3,000 kW and above)
LPSE Restricted Light and Power Service - Small
LPME Restricted Light and Power Service - Medium
LPLE Restricted Light and Power Service - Large
LPM Light and Power Service - Medium
LPL Light and Power Service - Large
LPLM Restricted Light and Power Service Manufacturing
OFP Oil Field Industrial Power
SCH School Service
SG Standby Generator Capacity
Time-of-Use Pricing Index
Business TOU Index
BEVT Business Electric Vehicle - Time-of-Use
BTA Business Time Advantage (Optional)
BTAL Business Time Advantage - Large (Optional)
CFTU Catfish Farms - Time-of-Use
FIRTU Farming Irrigation - Time-of-Use
LTU Lighting - Time-of-Use
TST Thermal Storage - Time-of-Use
Special Rules for Rate TST
Industrial TOU Index
FMTU Fabricated Materials - Time-of-Use
MTU Military - Time-of-Use
PMTU Primary Metals - Time-of-Use
PTU Poultry - Time-of-Use
SCGTU Stone, Clay and Glass - Time-of-Use
TXTU Textiles and Apparel - Time-of-Use
Other Pricing Options Index
ASL Agricultural Service - Large
FPL Unmetered Protective Lighting
LAF Lighting Athletic Fields
LFS Farm Service
LPS Light and Power Service - Small
ODL Unmetered Outdoor Lighting
OPS Optional Products and Services
PAE Purchase of Alternate Energy
Special Rules for RATE PAE
For assistance with the Application Process of rate PAE only, e-mail us.
PG Power for Cotton Gins and Peanut Drying Operations
SLM Public Street and Highway Lighting
Special Rules for RATE SLM
TS Traffic Signal Service
Special Rules for RATE TS
Real-Time Pricing Index
ILD Incremental Load Day Ahead (Restricted)
PPP Price Protection Products
RTP Real-Time Pricing (Industrial Power)
RTPD Real-Time Pricing, Day Ahead
RTPH Real-Time Pricing, Hour Ahead
No Longer Available to New Accounts
XFOOD-M Food Service - Time-of-Use
XGROC-M Grocery - Time-of-Use
XHCARE-M Healthcare - Time-of-Use - Medium
XHCARE-L Healthcare - Time-of-Use - Large
XILTU Incremental Load - Time-of-Use (Restricted)
XLPTL Light and Power - Time-of-Use - Large
XLPTM Time-of-Use - Medium
XLPTS Time-of-Use - Small
XLODGE-M Lodging - Time-of-Use - Medium
XLODGE-L Lodging - Time-of-Use - Large
XRETL-L Retail - Time-of-Use - Large
XRETL-M Retail - Time-of-Use - Medium
XTP Manufacturing
XWP Off-Peak Water Works Pumping (Restricted)

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