Hydro Relicensing

Rules & Regulations

Alabama Power operates 14 hydroelectric faculties and 11 reservoirs on the Coosa, Tallapoosa and Warrior river systems that can produce more than 1,600 megawatts and average around 6 percent of the company’s annual electric generation. These projects are operated under licenses issues by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Alabama Power’s operating licenses for its projects are issued for a period ranging from 30-50 years and must be renewed for the company to continue operating its existing hydroelectric developments. As part of the relicensing process, Alabama Power hosts a number of public meetings with stakeholders – ranging from citizen groups, Indian tribes and non-governmental organizations to local, state and federal agencies – to address the multiple uses of these hydro projects – power generation, natural resources, recreation and aesthetics.

Learn more about FERC and hydro licensing at www.ferc.gov.

Warrior river map Coosa river map

Currently, Alabama Power Company has nine of its fourteen developments in some stage of FERC's relicensing process. These developments include: Holt on the Warrior River; Weiss, Neely Henry, Logan Martin, Lay, Mitchell, Bouldin and Jordan on the Coosa River; and Martin on the Tallapoosa River.

The licenses for the Coosa developments expired in 2007. To continue operating these hydro developments, Alabama Power filed an application for a new license with FERC on July 27, 2005. Alabama Power is currently operating the developments under an annual license until the new license is issued. The Martin license expires in 2013. To continue operating the Martin development, Alabama Power must file an application with FERC by June 8, 2011. The license for the Holt development expires in 2015. To continue operating the Holt development, Alabama Power must file an application with FERC by August 30, 2013.

The links on the left provide additional detail on the respective processes for each development. These links also contain important documents prepared by Alabama Power for the relicensing process.