Lake Conditions

1-800-LAKES 11 - Reservoir Information System

Information about lake levels, hydro generation schedules and river flows is also available through our toll-free Reservoir Information System at 1-800-LAKES-11 (525-3711). At the touch of a button you can find contact information for shoreline management offices, report mosquito problems or let us know about aquatic weed issues on your lake.

Then follow these simple instructions:

For information on dams on the following rivers...

  • Press 1 for Tallapoosa
  • Press 2 for Coosa
  • Press 3 for Warrior


  • Select 1 for the current lake level
  • Select 2 for the current generation schedule
  • Select 3 for the special lake operations
  • Select 4 for shoreline permitting information

For recreation information...

  • Press 4 for river and stream flows


  • Select 1 for Tallapoosa River Basin
  • Select 2 for Coosa River Basin
  • Select 3 for Warrior River Basin
  • Select 4 for Coosa River in North Georgia
  • Press 5 for stages


  • Select 1 for Tallapoosa River at Wadley
  • Select 2 for Tallapoosa River at Horseshoe Bend
  • Select 3 for Coosa River at State Line
  • Select 4 for elevation of Coosa River at Gadsden US 411 bridge
  • Select 5 for Coosa River at Childersburg US 280 bridge
  • Select 6 for stage of Mulberry Fork at Cordova

To report a mosquito or aquatic weed problem or a possible hydrilla sighting

  • Press 6

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