Shoreline Management

Protecting and Enhancing Lakes

As part of operating 14 dams and the 11 lakes they create, Alabama Power manages more than 3,500 miles of shoreline and nearly 120,000 acres of land. To do this, our team of shoreline managers works closely with communities surrounding the reservoirs to protect and enhance the scenic, recreational and environmental resources these lakes offer. They also help maintain the company’s ability to manage flood conditions on each river system by enforcing easement and construction standards specific to each lake.

Permit Guidelines
Lake Name Local Office Number Guidelines Sample Permit
Smith 205-384-7385 PDF PDF
Harris 256-396-5093 PDF PDF
Martin 256-825-0053 PDF PDF
Yates 256-825-0053 PDF PDF
Thurlow 256-825-0053 PDF PDF
Weiss 256-927-2597 PDF PDF
Henry 205-472-0481 PDF PDF
Logan Martin 205-472-0481 PDF PDF
Lay 205-755-4420 PDF PDF
Mitchell 205-755-4420 PDF PDF
Jordan 205-755-4420 PDF PDF
Bouldin 205-755-4420 PDF PDF

Non-Residential Permits

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