Weiss Dam
In-service date: 06/05/1961
Capacity: 3 generators rating 29,250 kW each

Weiss Dam was the first dam built as a part of an Alabama Power Company construction program that further developed the Coosa River in the late 1950s and the 1960s. The facility was named after F.C. Weiss, a former chief engineer of Alabama Power.

The story of Weiss Dam and Weiss Lake began as a story of energy. It continues today as a story of flood control, recreation and economic opportunity, irrigation and drinking water, and fish and wildlife habitats. Power was just the beginning.

Facts about Weiss Dam:
  • Type: Gravity concrete and earth fill
  • Length of concrete: 392 feet
  • Length of earth-dikes: 30,406 feet
  • Maximum height: 126 feet
Facts about Weiss Reservoir:
  • Elevation above sea level: 564 feet
  • Area: 30,200 acres
  • Shoreline: 447 miles
  • Length: 52 miles
  • Maximum depth at dam: 62 feet
  • Area of watershed draining into reservoir:5,273 square miles

Whether you enjoy fishing from a boat, a pier, or a bank, and whether you prefer open water or secluded inlets, you'll find a great fishing spot on Weiss Dam.

Fishing in Alabama requires a fishing license. Licenses can be purchased at some sporting goods stores, convenience stores, marinas and county courthouses.

To help you find a great fishing spot, check out the GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates for fish habitats.


one-image Swirling water and strong underwater currents at powerhouse intakes. Strong upstream currents in surface waters
(reverse flow).
two-image Strong current over or through spillway and trash gates. Swift, turbulent waters below spillway gates.
three-image Turbulent discharges from automatically operated turbines. seven Rapidly rising waters from turbine or spillway discharge.
four-image Cascading spillway discharges.

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