Solar Energy

Environmental Commitment

Solar energy is power that is harnessed directly from the sun’s radiation. (Technically, hydropower and biomass and coal are also “solar power” that has been stored differently.) There are two main ways to create energy from solar radiation: you can use it as a heat source, called solar thermal, or as a power source, called solar electric.

Types of solar EnergyTypes of Solar Energy

There are many options for putting the sun to work. Read about the types of solar energy here.

Costs of Solar Energy Costs of Solar Energy

Examine the costs associated with the different types of solar implementations.

Alabama's Solar PotentialAlabama's Solar Potential

The solar energy available for use in our region depends upon a number of factors.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Browse some of the frequently asked questions about solar energy.

Solar for Your Business Solar for Your Business

Read about the opportunities for commercial and industrial solar installations.