Hydro Relicensing - Holt Project | Alabama Power

The Holt Project (FERC No. 2203) is located near Holt, Alabama on the Black Warrior River, in Tuscaloosa County. There are four lock and dams on the Black Warrior River operated by the Army Corps of Engineers (Lewis Smith Dam is also on the Black Warrior and is managed by Alabama Power), of which Holt is currently the 2nd from upstream to downstream. The dam impounds approximately 3,296 acres of water, known as Holt Lake. To learn more about the dam, powerhouse and reservoir, visit the Holt Dam Fact Sheet.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued Alabama Power Company (Alabama Power) an original operating license for the Holt Project on September 1, 1965. This license will expire on August 31, 2015. Alabama Power is beginning the process of relicensing the Holt Hydroelectric Project. Alabama Power intends to use FERC's Traditional Licensing Process to relicense the Holt Project. While 2015 may seem far away, Alabama Power must complete a multi-year consultation process and file an application for a new operating license with FERC by August 31, 2013, in order to continue generating electricity beyond 2015. This process is called "relicensing."

Alabama Power believes the key to a successful relicensing is to balance the many benefits of the Black Warrior River and Holt Dam using four critical elements:

  • Communication among Alabama Power and stakeholders
  • Public and agency involvement in the relicensing process
  • Continual education for all parties
  • Commitment among Alabama Power and stakeholders to resolve issues

Successfully completing the relicensing process will involve identifying and resolving issues related to the Project in consultation with the many federal and state resource agencies, local and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and individuals that have an interest in the Project. These entities and individuals are commonly referred to as "stakeholders." Alabama Power is eager to work with interested stakeholders to develop solutions that balance the production of renewable electricity and the protection and enhancement of environmental resources on the Black Warrior River. If you have additional questions or comments about relicensing, or would like to participate in the process, please contact Barry Lovett, Holt Relicensing Project Manager.

The relicensing process includes many important terms and quite a few groups and departments represented by acronyms. Here's a glossary and an index of acronyms to help you keep it all straight.