Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

No matter what season it is, your home is competing with the weather outside to make sure the inside temperature remains comfortable. As outside temperatures cool off in the winter and heat up in the summer, your heating and cooling equipment requires more energy to keep your home at the desired comfort level.

Home heating and cooling accounts for approximately 50 percent of the average customer's energy purchases. You can get control of your home's comfort level and your heating and cooling costs with a heat pump, properly installed duct insulation and a programmable thermostat.

Heat Pump

The most economical way to keep your home comfortable year-round

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Variable Refrigerant System

The latest technology, Variable Capacity Non-ducted Heat Pumps, offer the most economical means of cooling and heating your home.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Geothermal technology uses the ground or water as a medium, that maintains relatively the same temperature year round as the heat exchanger.

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