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Vegetation and Forestry Services

Our Vegetation & Forestry Services offers the solution for maintaining the safety, appearance and electrical reliability of your commercial property. Experience, expertise, convenience and reputable service are several advantages to choosing us over the competition.


Our Vegetation & Forestry Services team has experience managing around 50,000 miles of distribution and around 11,000 miles of transmission power line rights-of-way. In fact, they have been recognized as a Tree Line Utility company for 17 consecutive years. 


Our crews are led by seasoned contract managers, certified arborists, registered foresters and licensed herbicide applicators.


We have crews located across the state, who can respond quickly to your vegetation and forestry needs. Our team of experts has every aspect of vegetation management covered. With our specialized source for integrated vegetation management, you will be able to ensure public safety while limiting liability, maintaining electric service reliability, and improving property appearance.

Variety of Services

From initial clearing to mowing to herbicide application, Vegetation & Forestry Services can handle every aspect of large commercial property maintenance, including:

Utility Line Clearing

Removing limbs near power lines to ensure public safety and reliable electric service.

Clearing for Capital Projects

Removing trees and brush to prepare for electric service with new construction, expansion or renovation.

Right-of-Way Management

Clearing trees or other obstructions that may interfere with the right to operate the lines, perform maintenance or place additional lines on the right-of-way.

Tree Trimming and Removal

Maintaining and pruning trees near power lines.

Vegetation Grinding and Mulching

Removing unwanted vegetation, such as brush and stumps, while typically adding nutrients back into the soil.

Forestry Land and Timber Management

Including site preparation, tree planting and forest road construction.

Top-Notch Service

We meet with customers to evaluate the property and provide a specialized solution. Since we currently provide right-of-way management for 80,000 miles of power lines, we can leverage our relationships with contractors to provide a better level of service to accommodate all facets of the project.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Alabama Power is a name you recognize for quality and reliable service. Our Vegetation & Forestry team has the same reputation. Quick response times and high-quality work go a long way in satisfying our customers. But we are here to provide support for every step of the process including: specialized vegetation solutions, volume pricing, expert contract management and ongoing customer communication. All of this allows your staff to focus on other responsibilities.


Why use Alabama Power’s Vegetation & Forestry Services?

It is a specialized solution for large-scale jobs, individual projects, or ongoing property maintenance. Our services improve the appearance, safety and electric service reliability of property.

Who provides the service?

Our staff of certified arborists, registered foresters and licensed herbicide applicators work with our qualified contractors, who currently trim trees along our rights-of-way to protect the safety of the public and our employees.

Where is Vegetation & Forestry Services available?

The program is available throughout the state where Alabama Power provides service. 

How much does Vegetation & Forestry Services cost?

Cost will vary depending on your needs. We will meet with you to evaluate the property and develop a specialized vegetation and forestry solution.  

What type of customers are eligible for Vegetation & Forestry Services?

Municipalities, cooperatives, universities, the military and other large customers are eligible.

What services does Vegetation & Forestry Services offer?

We provide specialized solutions to meet your vegetation and forestry needs.   Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial clearing, mowing and herbicide application
  • Right-of-way management
  • Tree trimming and removal
  • Vegetation grinding and mulching
  • Forestry land and timber management, including site preparation, tree planting and forest road construction