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Environmental Services

Pitot tube + 3D calibration

Accurately calibrating and certifying type “S” pitot tubes and 3-D probe equipment for more than a decade.

Facility Capabilities

  • Test cross section: 28 by 40 inches
  • Consistent flow range: 20-130 feet per second
  • Pitch angle range: +30 to -30 degrees
  • EPA method certifications: 2, 2F, 2G

Fan & Tunnel Assembly

  • 45 feet long
  • 150 hp motor
  • Double-inlet centrifugal fan

Alabama Power Environmental Services combines top-notch facilities and employee expertise to accommodate the unique needs our clients and their equipment.

Our team is able to meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Method 2, 2F and 2G design specifications and certification requirements – thereby providing more accurate multidimensional pitot tubes for Velocity and Volumetric Flow Rate Determination in stacks and ducts.

To test and calibrate client equipment, we use a fan and tunnel assembly originally built by NASA that is large enough to accommodate nearly any custom length probe.

Our EPA certified Qualified Source Testing Individuals have vast experience calibrating and certifying tubes for Alabama Power generation plants, industries across the nation and other pitot tube manufactures and testers. Their expertise is available to perform – or assist our clients in designing and performing – testing services unique to their equipment.

Companies with their own testing personnel may also rent the wind tunnel facilities to conduct in-house research and calibration.


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