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Area Lighting Fixtures

Highly efficient and cost effective lighting.


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The Cobra is a lighting luminaire that will brighten roadways, parking lots, shopping centers and multi-family complexes.

Watts Source Lumens Footprint* Colors
100w HPS 9,500 II Gray
150w HPS 15,000 II Gray, Bronze
250w HPS 25,500 III Gray, Bronze
400w HPS 47,000 III Gray, Bronze
150w MH 13,000 II Gray, Bronze
350w MH 33,000 III Gray, Bronze


The general purpose Floodlight delivers maximum beam control for storage areas, railyards, auto dealerships, loading docks and building perimeters.

Watts Source Lumens Footprint* Colors
150w HPS 15,000 Wide Bronze
250w HPS 25,500 Wide Bronze
400w HPS 47,000 Wide Bronze
150w MH 13,000 Wide Bronze
350w MH 33,000 Wide Bronze
1000w MH 100,000 Wide Bronze

Off Road

Designed for highway and roadway lighting. Fixture can be tilted and is suitable for installation in roadway medians or on poles located a good distance off the edge of the roadway without having to use long brackets/mounting arms.

Off Road
Watts Source Lumens Footprint* Colors
150w HPS 15,000 III Gray
250w HPS 25,500 III Gray
400w HPS 47,000 III Gray
350w MH 33,000 III Gray