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Decorative Poles

Explore our selection of attractive poles to complement our fixtures.


See which light will work best for your business.


Fiberglass Aluminum Octagonal Concrete Fluted Concrete
Fiberglass mounting pole Aluminum mounting pole Octagonal Concrete mounting pole Fluted Concrete mounting pole
20' Length 17' Length 16' Length 16' Length
16' Mounting Height 12' Mounting Height 13' Mounting Height 13' Mounting Height
Black Color Black Color Black Brown Colors Black Brown Green Colors
Poles for Standard Luminaries
Wood Round Concrete Round Fiberglass
Wood color mounting pole Round concrete mounting pole Fiberglass mounting pole
Available sizes
30’, 35’, 40’, 45’, 50’ 35’, 40’, 45’ 30’, 35’, 40’
Concrete poles are available in Bronze and Gray. Fiberglass poles are available in Bronze.