Agriculture Rate Options | Alabama Power

Agriculture Rate Options

Alabama Power helps farmers succeed by offering tailored pricing options to meet the unique needs of their operations.

Alabama Power is committed to help agricultural customers succeed. As the agricultural industry looks for ways to cut costs and remain competitive, we offer several pricing options – electricity pricing tailored to meet the needs of agriculture in our state.

Rate LFS (Farm Service) is Alabama Power’s basic farming rate offered to customers devoted to productive farming. Related residential service may be furnished through the same meter if desired.

Rate ASL (Agriculture Service – Large) is for larger operations engaged in productive farming. ASL typically benefits customers with greater energy use during the eight nonsummer months (October through May).

Rate FIRTU (Farming Irrigation Time-of-Use) is designed for customers who operate electric irrigation equipment used for agricultural production. This rate benefits customers who can shift electricity to times when it costs less to produce the energy.

Rate CFTU (Catfish Time-of-Use) offers catfish farmers a time-of-use option and allows these customers to shift electricity use to times when it costs less to produce the energy. By shifting load and taking advantage of off-peak prices, customers are able to save money over standard tariffs.

Rate PG (Power for Cotton Gins and Peanut-Drying Operations) is designed for customers using electrical energy in the operation of a cotton gin or peanut drying operation. Incidental lighting service may be included if the customer furnishes the necessary transformers.

Rate PTU (Poultry Time-of-Use) is designed for poultry processing operations and associated facilities (such as feed mills, hatcheries and water-treatment plants). The energy charges associated with this pricing option are based on the cost of electricity at different times of the day and year.