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Electric Load


Why we need it

Any time you're designing a new facility or remodeling an existing one your Alabama Power representative will ask you for your "connected electrical load" for that facility. Why? Well, they're not just being nosey. This information is actually a critical part of our efforts to make sure your client receives the best service possible from us.

When we have the electrical load, we can:

  • Appropriately size the transformer that services your client's location,
  • Provide engineers like you with "fault current information,"
  • Verify the loading of our distribution system from the substation to the end-user's location,
  • Size the service conductors from the overhead transformers to the building,
  • Determine appropriate metering equipment and how we will meter it,
  • Determine whether pad mount transformers are needed.

In addition to the actual load, we also like to have the types of loads - like motor loads - so that we can accommodate the voltage fluctuations and ensure your client's power quality. By planning for these power fluctuations, we can avoid voltage drops that can cause potential equipment damage. With the breakdown of single-phase and three-phase equipment, we can also make sure transformers are properly configured to accommodate the load.

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