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Back-shelf, Salamander Broilers & Cheesemelters


Back-shelf broilers, salamanders, and cheesemelters are often used to supplement existing broilers. These light-duty units "finish off" partially broiled products and browned foods that are not normally broiled as part of the complete cooking cycle. These small units are capable of broiling other foods as effectively as larger standard units but not as quickly.

Small amounts of food are "finished off," melted, or broiled by exposing the food to radiant energy emitted by heating radiants located above the grid or rack. Back-shelf and salamander units are single-deck broilers only. The salamander/cheese melter units may be loaded and unloaded from one side or may be equipped with pass-through capabilities. The units may be mounted on steel wall back-splashes above the ranges, mounted on 4 to 6 inch legs and located on counters or simply wall-mounted above prep stations.

Infrared models operate in the same manner as standard models, except the infrared radiants operate at considerably higher temperatures, which increase their heating capability and shorten preheat times. Back-shelf radiants are located above the cooking grids or racks. Each radiant has a separate temperature control with high-medium-low settings. In addition, the grid moves up or down through several levels. As with over-fired broilers, the grid of a salamander is spring loaded or counterbalanced for easy operation. Drip shields are located below the grids or racks to collect grease and food particles.

Cheesemelters are similar to the salamander broiler with the exception of the vertical adjusting grid. They do generally have the ability to raise or lower the grid, but it is more like oven rack guides.

The grease and other liquid residue collects in a drip pan.

Some units have switches that turn on 100% heat when food is placed on the rack and then automatically lower the heat to a standby temperature in between cooking jobs.


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