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Combination Ovens

The combination oven is a composite of two pieces of equipment -- a convection oven and an atmospheric steamer. These ovens use the combination of cooking methods to maximize quality and speed. The steam injection is especially desirable in producing quality, golden brown, crusty breads. The secret to the quality of the product is the process of forced air distribution.

The enclosed tubular convection heating elements produce heat that circulates by a fractional horsepower blower motor. Most units have an extra large observation window to monitor the cooking process and a timer to keep track of cooking time.

The roll-in floor model combination oven and steamer has a cooking capacity of dozens of cafeteria pans and bun pans. This multipurpose oven offers a variety of cooking methods:

  • Hot air convection (some with water injection for high moisture)
  • Convection steam
  • A combination of convection, steam, and hot air circulation, and a cook-and-hold feature.

Time and temperature controls with digital display help the operator keep track of the cooking process. Some units also offer memory programming for up to 16 recipes with two cycles each. The steam boiler can be heated electrically or by gas.


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