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Convection Ovens


Convection ovens circulate the air in the oven cavity using a fan. This air movement speeds the cooking process by increasing the heat transfer to the food. They are ideal for slow, low temperature roasting, and many ovens feature a slow "cook and hold" setting. Slow roasting meats at low temperature reduces shrinkage (and therefore food costs) and tends to produce food of consistently high quality. Electric convection ovens are often preferred for this application because they have smaller losses in oven humidity levels during the cooking process.

The air flow through the oven chamber permits these ovens to cook large loads and multiple racks effectively. Today's modern equipment has oven chambers insulated on all six-sides, providing peak energy efficiency. Solid state thermostats precisely control temperature, with cooking times digitally displayed for convenient monitoring.

However, convection ovens are not ideal for every oven application. They tend to dry products out during the cooking process, which may deteriorate food quality, especially in pastry applications. In these cases, a traditional oven is preferred.

Most electric convection ovens preheat to a typical operating temperature of 350°F within six to ten minutes. Comparable gas ovens are generally slightly slower coming to temperature. Both ovens have optional, removable, non-stick or stainless steel liner panels for speedy cleanup.

An optional heat-keeper recirculation system can save energy costs with gas convection ovens by re-using heated air that would normally be wasted. In these gas models, a power burner is provided for maximum energy efficiency.

Half-Size Convection Ovens

Half-size convection ovens are selected when the standard, full size oven capacity for a given commercial cooking application would result in significant energy losses. In these cases, the smaller size of this oven reduces losses without jeopardizing the food production requirements


Steam Injection Ovens

Steam injection ovens are essentially standard convection ovens with the capability of producing and injecting steam. This steam injection is especially desirable in producing high-quality, golden-brown, crusty breads. The secret to the quality of the product is the process of forced air distribution.


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