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Conveyor Broilers


Conveyor broilers combine the principles of over-fired and under-fired broilers using a stainless steel belt to convey and consistently cook large quantities of food between two sets of heating radiants. One radiant is located above and one below the food.

Conveyor broilers can bake, broil, heat and melt a wide variety of food items in a shorter period of time and with less labor than other broiler types. The production capacity of a conveyor broiler depends on operating temperatures and food characteristics, including composition, diameter, and thickness of food products.

Fresh or frozen hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, hot dogs, sausage, bacon, chicken, fish, or any product that can be placed in single-serving oven-safe cookware, can be prepared using conveyor broilers.

The heating radiants of the conveyor broiler are controlled by on and off switches and the speed of the stainless belt is controlled by a variable speed belt control. Broiler radiant elements operate at temperatures up to 1,600°F, and cooking time is a function of the intensity of the heat source, food temperature and mass, and belt speed.

Each conveyor broiler may have one or more broil belts. The speed of each belt is regulated with a separate digital speed control allowing a variety of different foods to be cooked simultaneously. Conveyor broilers may also have a belt for toasting bread using the waste heat from the meat chamber.

Conveyor broilers can be free-standing floor models or countertop models and can be flow through or front load-front return operation.


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