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Light Wave Ovens

The Light Wave oven uses a combination of intense visible light and infrared energy to cook food rapidly. The visible light penetrates the food to provide heating while the infrared energy cooks the food surface to achieve the desired browning. Microprocessor control of the cooking elements makes these units more flexible and intelligent in their operation. This control can produce superior food quality for fish, meat, vegetables, breads and many other types of foods.

Two of the primary benefits of Light Wave technology are its speed and energy efficiency. The shortened cooking time has the additional advantage of producing more nutritious and better tasting food. The Light Wave oven was designed to cook relatively flat, thin foods. Pizza, nachos, quesadillas, and other foods with similar geometry are ideal for this technology.

The primary disadvantage at this time is one of perception: the oven simply appears to be too small to be a serious food preparation device. However, the unit's high speed and excellent performance have been proven in many food service establishments. These establishments have found the unit highly cost effective. Perceptions will change over time if the many benefits of this oven are demonstrated to commercial food service professionals. Another disadvantage of the Light Wave is that the increased heat transfer rate must be balanced against possible surface overheating. This however can be minimized by operator training and through the development of advanced computer controls.


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