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Electric Infrared Heaters

Electric Infrared Heaters: The answer for your hard-to-heat designs

Maybe it's an atrium, outdoor dining area or entranceway. Maybe it's a warehouse or loading dock. Wherever it is, if your project is like most, there's probably at least one spot where it's almost impossible to keep warm during winter. Rather than risk the comfort of your clients and their customers, opt for Infrared Comfort Heating to solve the problem.

Infrared Heating Offers Attractive, Earth-Friendly Solution

The most attractive buildings can sometimes be the most difficult to maintain at comfortable temperatures. For instance, large, open spaces such as rooms with high ceilings, lobbies, atriums, valet parking areas and open-air restaurants tend to be drafty and cold during the winter months. And even the most beautiful, well-designed space loses its appeal when occupants are unable to stay warm.

Help your clients keep their facilities comfortable by suggesting electric infrared comfort heating. Environmentally friendly, infrared heaters operate without fuel lines and give off no fumes or harmful emissions. Instead, infrared heating is a powerful technology that provides radiant heat to warm people or equipment without heating the surrounding areas. Infrared heaters can more easily be accommodated into the design of a space than other types of heating, because they can fit into ceilings or be mounted flush with the ceiling so that most of the unit is hidden. With no motors or moving parts, infrared heaters are practically silent and are never distracting to building occupants.

Not only can electric infrared heating keep hard-to-heat spaces attractive and comfortable, but they also offer additional benefits for your clients. Most notably, infrared heaters keep energy costs down because they're able to keep people and equipment warm without overworking a building's central heating system. Other benefits of infrared heating include:

  • It reduces the overall energy required to heat an area by allowing a background temperature of 50 to 60 degrees.
  • It's inexpensive and easy to install compared to conventional HVAC systems.
  • It's simple to install, control and maintain.
  • It's less complicated than gas radiant tube heating because neither gas piping nor ventilation of by-products is necessary.
  • Infrared lamps have a long life expectancy.

For more information or to learn how infrared heating may be able to improve your current or future projects, call the Alabama Power Business Call Center at 1-888-430-5787.


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