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Boiler Tips


Inspect and Maintain Boilers

The costs of properly maintaining boilers are fully recovered in fuel savings. To ensure peak efficiency, remove scale, replace leaky tubes and flanges, remove damaged insulation and control linkages, and recalibrate controls.


Install an Economizer to Increase the Efficiency of a Boiler

To increase the efficiency of a boiler by 2 to 3 percent, install an economizer. This device preheats the feedwater (returned condensate). In the case of a 250 horsepower boiler, an initial investment of $6,000 provides an annual savings of more than $3,000.


Keep Boiler Insulation in Good Condition

For peak efficiency, repair or replace damaged or missing boiler insulation.


Minimize Excess Air in Boiler Operations using 02 Trimmers

To increase boiler efficiency, minimize excess air using O2 trimmers which adjust the amount of air supplied to the burner. Most boilers operate with more air than is required for the combustion process, wasting energy.


On Any Large Boiler, use a Blow-Down Heat Exchanger

On any large boiler, use a blow-down heat exchanger to preheat the make-up water going to the deaerator. This measure conserves energy by reducing the energy required to preheat the make-up water and by partially cooling the blow-down water prior to discharge to the sanitary server.