Security Lighting Systems



Commercial facilities install safety and security lighting so that employees and/or customers feel safe when entering or leaving the facility during darkness. They also install security lighting to prevent break-ins and theft.

The lighting design should give adequate lighting for safety in the parking lot. It should also provide lighting along routes from the building to the parking lot. For example, the main entrance and sidewalk may need illumination.

Security lighting should be such that security personnel or police can see a theft in progress. Merely having security lighting can deter a thief because they feel vulnerable in the light. The lights should be placed at strategic locations such as rear or hidden entrances where a thief might exit. Very often, security lighting must provide adequate illumination for surveillance equipment. However, it's important that safety and security lighting not create glare for those in the area.

Sometimes aesthetics is important, especially if the lighting is installed at the main entrance. If so, metal halide will be the best choice of light sources. Otherwise, high pressure sodium, and even low pressure sodium lamps are adequate. Low pressure sodium doesn't provide any color rendition at all, but is a good choice for security lighting because it's very efficient. Fixtures placed at main entrances and entry sidewalks usually need to be attractive. Bollards are popular for sidewalks as are post top fixtures. If the main entrance or sidewalk is covered, then surface-mounted fixtures or recessed-can fixtures are a good choice.

When aesthetics aren't as important, wall pack fixtures are usually adequate for safety and security purposes. However, if the area is large, then directional flood fixtures will light the area more efficiently. Be sure to aim directional flood fixtures properly, especially when mounted on t he building, because glare and light trespass can be a problem. Open Bottom, Type-five fixtures are also a good choice for larger areas. They can be mounted on the building or on a pole.