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Resources by Grade

Pre-K - 1st Grade Resources

Wash Your Hands - Download
Wash Your Hands - Download
Future Energy Expert
Future Energy Expert - Download
Louie's Electric Universe
Louie's Electric Universe - Download
Energy Saving Actions
Energy Saving Actions - Download
Louie The Lighting Bug
Louie The Lightning Bug - Download
Safe-T-Opolis - Download
Safe-T-Zone - Download
Danger Sign
Danger Sign - Download
Line Matching
Line Matching - Download
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2nd - 5th Resources

Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle - Download
Be an Energy Detective
Be an Energy Detective - Download
Energy-Saving Maze
Energy-Saving Maze - Download
Louie Bingo Game
Louie Bingo Game - Download
Math with Louie
Math with Louie - Download
How Energy is Produced
How Energy is Produced - Download
Louie's Scrabble
Louie's Scrabble - Download
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Interactive Activities for 2nd - 5th Grade

Energy Efficiency Activity
Play the Energy Efficiency Activity
Electrical Safety Activity
Play the Electrical Safety Activity
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