Industrial Renewables

Our Commitment

Renewable energy resources are important to our future and Alabama Power has been a leader in clean energy solutions from the company’s very start. Our first generating plant was hydroelectric, producing clean energy from the natural currents of Alabama’s great rivers. Today, renewables are an important part of the company’s diverse energy portfolio. 

Alabama Power is a leader among Southeast utility companies at purchasing energy from out-of-state wind farms.

Alabama Power and Renewable Energy

With 14 hydroelectric plants generating energy from Alabama’s water sources, we provide energy for 400,000 homes a year. In fact, hydro typically accounts for 5% to 8% of Alabama’s Power total power generation.  Our commitment to renewable energy has led us to invest both in Alabama and beyond, for the benefit of our customers. 


Clean Energy Awards & Achievements

Alabama Power is the recipient of a number of clean energy awards & achievements including:

Green award / ribbon 2019 Alabama Wildlife Federation Conservationist of the Year

Alabama Power’s Renew Our Rivers campaign has earned one of the state’s most prestigious environmental conservation awards. The Alabama Wildlife Federation (AWF) honored Renew Our Rivers Aug. 9 as the Water Conservationist of the Year during the group’s annual Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards ceremony. For more than 40 years, AWF has presented the awards to people and organizations that work to conserve the state’s wildlife and other natural resources. The Water Conservationist of the Year award recognizes work in water resources conservation. Efforts focused on protection and improvement of water quality are especially important.

Green award / ribbon 2019 Stars of Energy Efficiency Award

Alabama Power was honored with the Alliance to Save Energy’s 2019 Stars of Energy Efficiency Award for developing the 62-home Smart Neighborhood in Hoover. The alliance, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, bipartisan group of business, government, environmental and consumer leaders, works to expand the economy. Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood homes in the Reynolds Landing community feature emerging energy-efficient technologies and building measures, all connected to the Southeast’s first community-scale microgrid. Homes are about 39 percent more efficient than standard new homes in the area and are equipped with technology to allow residents more control over systems and features, along with increased comfort. Alabama Power is using data from the neighborhood to provide greater understanding of energy management and insights into how homes can be built and function more efficiently.

Green award / ribbon 2013 Outstanding Conservation Business Award

Alabama Association of Conservation Districts

For more than a decade, our Greene County Steam Plant has supported the Sumter/Marengo Water Festival, which brings nearly 700 fourth graders from the two counties together for a day of educational outreach and activities to promote water conservation.

Green award / ribbon 2013 Industry Excellence Award – Environmental Category

Southeastern Energy Exchange

An industry recognition of Alabama Power’s outside-the-box research and field trials that affordably remove mercury and selenium from scrubber water using bacteria to break down chemical bonds while water filters through a series of half-acre holding ponds.

Green award / ribbon Top 12 of 2012

Green Resource Center for Alabama

Recognizes Alabama Power’s wind generation agreements with Tradewind Energy. The deal will provide 404 megawatts, the equivalent size of a new medium sized power plant, from wind. The new energy source amounts to about 3 percent of Alabama Power’s total energy capacity and enough to power up to 115,000 homes.

Green award / ribbon 2012 Watershed Conservation Development Award

Cahaba River Society

Recognized for projects aimed at reducing municipal-supplied water use at the company’s Birmingham headquarters.

Green award / ribbon 2009 Gulf Guardian Business Award

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Recognized litter cleanup efforts by Alabama Power’s Plant Barry employees on the Mobile River.

Green award / ribbon 2008 Outstanding Conservation Business Award

Alabama Association of Conservation Districts

Recognized for the company’s outstanding example of cooperation with conservation districts through Renew Our Rivers.

Green award / ribbon 2006 Outstanding Stewardship of America’s Waters Award

National Hydropower Association

Recognized for the company’s role in Renew Our Rivers.


Owned Projects

  • Fort Rucker Solar Project – a 10.56 megawatt facility at Fort Rucker, AL
  • Anniston Army Depot Solar Project – a 7.38 megawatt installation at Anniston Army Depot, AL


Power Purchase Agreements

  • Chisholm View Wind Farm - 202 megawatts from Oklahoma
  • Buffalo Dunes Wind Farm - 202 megawatts from Kansas
  • Lafayette Solar Farm – 72 megawatts in Lafayette, AL (in conjunction with Walmart)
  • Westervelt Biomass Facility - 7.5 megawatts in Moundville, AL 


Alabama Power receives the energy and renewable energy certificates generated by these facilities, which can be used to serve customers, including Greener State customers, or sold to third parties for the benefit of the customer.


Renewables + Efficiency


Smart Neighborhood

A partnership between Alabama Power and Signature Homes, the first Smart Neighborhood was built in Hoover, at Reynolds Landing. It contains the first solar microgrid in the Southeast that supports an entire residential community, along with battery backup and a natural gas generator for added reliability and resiliency. All 62 homes in the project are equipped with high efficiency appliances and communicate with one another to even out the load for the neighborhood. The data from these homes will be crucial to making future communities even more efficient.

The Alliance to Save Energy awarded the Smart Neighborhood the 2019 Stars of Energy Efficiency Award.


Southeastern Solar Research Center

In 2014, we partnered with Southern Research and our parent Southern Company to create the Southeastern Solar Research Center in Birmingham. Together, we are exploring cost-effective renewable energy options to benefit customers and drive innovation. 


Other Solar Partnerships

  • Solar demonstration project, Birmingham Zoo
  • Sewell-Thomas Stadium, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Powering Alabama’s Economy

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