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Smart business leaders know electric vehicles (EV) play an important role in our clean-energy future. At Alabama Power we encourage and teach the use of EVs to drastically reduce fuel costs for industrial customers like you. We are researching the impact of EVs on grid reliability, including vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid technologies; and with our automotive partners, we are also helping to develop industry standards for future plug-in EVs.

Rate Options

Alabama Power offers an optional rate rider for customers with a plug-n electric vehicle (PEV), allows customers to charge their electric vehicle at a discounted rate during off-peak hours of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. To qualify a customer must own a PEV manufactured primarily for use on public streets, roads, and highways. Electric scooters, electric bicycles, golf carts, and motorized electric wheelchairs are not eligible . Call 1-800-990-APCO (2726) for more information.

Plug-in electric vehicles come in many forms. All have batteries and need to be plugged in to recharge. You'll need to consider the battery electric vehicle, or BEV, which is a total electric vehicle, the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, or PHEV, and the extended-range electric vehicle, or EREV.

Plug-In EV Options

Most of today's vehicles are powered by lithium ion batteries that hold charges efficiently and have no memory effect, which means you don't have to run down the battery completely before recharging. There are three types of Plug-in EV:

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

BEVs include the Nissan Leaf, Wheego LiFe, Ford Focus Electric and Tesla Roadster. BEVs have no gasoline engine and run exclusively on the energy stored in on-board batteries. These vehicles are advertised to travel 100 or more miles before recharging.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

PHEVs are similar to hybrid vehicles with the addition of larger batteries that plug into the grid. This enables you to drive further on electricity while adding the convenience of continued driving on gasoline.


HEVs have larger battery packs and are advertised to allow for all electric driving up to 40 miles. After battery depletion, the car uses a gasoline-powered generator that allows extended range driving, up to 300-plus miles.

Alabama Power Electric Transportation (ET) Partners

Alabama Power is among utility leaders in ET research and development partnerships. Organizations that have partnered with Alabama Power include:


Alabama Power and ET Technology

Alabama Power is involved in a broad range of ET research and development. Projects include:

  • Battery testing
  • Integration of electric vehicles into the Smart Grid
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Vehicle to Home (V2H) research
  • Fast-charge testing
  • Energy storage demonstrations
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) evaluation and testing
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Electric Transit Buses
  • Electric Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Wireless Charging

Alabama Power and Advanced Battery Vehicles

The company is testing a variety of ET vehicles using advanced batteries. They include.

  • Tesla Roadster Electric Vehicle
  • U.S. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Yard Hostler
  • Eaton PHEV Ford F-550 bucket truck
  • Ford Escape PHEV
  • Barefoot Motors Electric All Terrain Vehicle
  • Hymotion PHEV Prius
  • Chevy Volt
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Tesla S
  • BMW B
  • GM Cadillac
  • Ford Fusion
  • Ford Focus
  • Mercedes F550 E
  • Lithium Ion Outdoor
  • BYD Lift trucks
  • Hyundai Sonata

Alabama Power Commercial and Industrial ET and technology

The company is a leader in the marketing and development of non-road electric vehicles, equipment and technology. These include:

  • Lift trucks (indoor and outdoor)
  • Seaport dredges and cranes
  • Underground and surface mining material handling
  • Overland conveyors
  • Airport ground-service vehicles
  • Rail electrification
  • Truckstop electrification
  • Watercraft electrification


  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Mining ET
  • Airport ET
  • Seaport electrification
    • dredges
    • refrigerated trailers
    • cranes

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