Industrial Services

Locating the right site for you

When looking for a site for your industrial project there are many factors to consider, from topographical characteristics to proximity to interstate and utility infrastructure. Alabama Power works within project parameters to identify target zones and can perform detailed due diligence on potential sites and buildings. We can perform a desktop analysis that includes site mapping, conceptual renderings, topographic studies, flood plain mapping, and 3D modelling. Our experts can provide an in-depth study of the site including workforce, demographic, tax, and incentive analysis—all based on the site’s location.

Site Selector

Use our Site Selector for a streaming view of potential industrial sites for sale and for lease in Alabama. View details such as square footage, save your favorites, and more with this interactive map. You can alo narrow your search to just Certified AdvantageSites. AdvantageSite designations have met certain standards related to ownership, accessibility, infrastructure, planning and zoning, and environmental and geotechnical due diligence.


Powering Alabama’s Economy

We’ve been dedicated to Alabama’s economic development for more than a century. Visit Amazing Alabama to learn more about why Alabama is the best location for your business and how we can help your business grow.