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Located in the fastest-growing region in the country, Alabama has everything a growing business could ask for in the way of transportation logistics. We are linked to our neighbors by a vast interstate and railroad infrastructure, including the Port of Mobile to the south. Alabama’s longstanding partnership with the aerospace and manufacturing industries has built a world-class infrastructure, making the state a transportation epicenter of the Central Gulf Coast.


Alabama has six major interstate highways and 75,000 miles of paved public roads, all leading to 160 metropolitan areas. I-20 provides a major thoroughfare to Atlanta (along with I-85) in the East and to Mississippi (along with I-22) in the West. I-65 stretches across state from north to south, beginning in Mobile and connecting to US-31 at the Tennessee state line. Alabama also has five auxiliary interstate routes that connect to larger metropolitan areas: I-165 (Mobile), I-359 (Tuscaloosa), I-459 (Birmingham), I-565 (Hunstville), and I-759 (Gadsden).



Since the 1832 opening of the Tuscumbia Railway, railroads have been the backbone of Alabama’s economy, growing and expanding alongside industry to solve regional transportation issues. Alabama’s rail infrastructure transports cargo throughout the state and connects to rail lines all across the nation. Today, five Class-I railroads and 16 Freight railroads serve the state while travelling across 3,700 miles of rail track.


Alabama is strategically positioned between Memphis and Atlanta—two of the country’s largest air freight centers. There are many options for air transportation with seven major commercial airliners serving across ninety-two public airports. A number of aerospace companies have manufacturing and industrial centers located in the state, from the Boeing research facility in Huntsville to the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley.



Alabama water corridors connect to over 15,000 miles of inland waterways in 23 states and The Alabama Channel at the Port of Mobile bisects the 1,300-mile Intracoastal Waterway, connecting the state to markets across the South. The Port of Mobile moves nearly 54 million tons of cargo a year and is located near the Mobile Aeroplex, making it an ideal location for transportation of aerospace manufacturing products and materials. The deepwater port hosts two harbors and connects to two interstates and five Class 1 railroads. The Upper harbor’s channel is 40 feet in draft, has 2.4 million square feet for warehousing, and services Panamax ships carrying bulk, general cargo, roll-off/roll-on, heavy lift, and overseas cargo. The Lower harbor’s draft size is 45 feet and it typically services Post-Panamax ships carrying containers, steel, and coal.


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