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Alabama’s workforce is perhaps its greatest asset. Nearly two million workers are the foundation of our state’s flourishing industrial economy and have been a key element in the success of Alabama Power. The demand for high-tech, high-skilled jobs is met through Alabama’s many workforce training and development programs. Collaborations between the state and Alabama’s business and educational communities help to foster a skilled and growing workforce. With venerated state job-training agencies like AIDT, the innovative programs of Alabama’s universities, and the partnership of Alabama Power and the greater business community, the future has never looked better.

Austal has invested $400 million in its Mobile plant and employs 4,000 workers building ships for the U.S. Navy. “Without the partnership we have in Alabama, we would not have been able to meet those manning needs."
Sandra Koblas, Strategic Recruitment Manager at Austal


Training more than 600,000 state residents, AIDT is Alabama’s foremost job training program. AIDT has worked with more than 3,300 companies to train employees in everything from maritime welding to business leadership. With a growing number of training facilities AIDT has earned its status as one of the best job training programs in the country.


Alabama Department of Commerce

Along with AIDT, the Alabama Department of Commerce’s workforce development portfolio includes program such as the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, the Alabama Workforce Council, the state’s 10 Regional Workforce Councils, and more. For industrial and large business customers, the Department of Commerce is a smart jumping off point for a number of workforce training opportunities.


Alabama Technology Network

A network of two-year colleges and businesses, the Alabama Technology Network (ATN) provides training in 15 regional centers throughout the state, stretching from the Tennessee Valley to the port of Mobile. It reviews potential policies and evaluates opportunities and issues critical to Alabama’s workforce development needs.

ATN is also the state’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, providing technical assistance and training to small and medium-sized manufacturers.


Alabama Workforce Council

Created to foster collaboration between government, industry, and education, the Alabama Workforce Council is an advisory body divided into four subcommittees: Education & Industry Collaboration, Marketing & Promotion, Private/Public Partnerships, and Workforce Structure & Alignment.


Aviation Workforce Training

The Aviation Workforce Training facility in Mobile was built to prepare workers for the Airbus passenger jet factory that opened in 2014. It has since opened its services to other aviation companies. The facility includes six classrooms and labs, providing a wealth of training expertise for the aerospace manufacturing industry.


The Power of Good

Alabama Power shareholders created the Alabama Power Foundation in 1989 and through it developed the Power of Good. The initiative is designed to encourage community growth, support Alabama communities and non-profits, and educate the workforce of the future through grants and scholarships. The Power of Good focuses on five key areas to encourage an educated and collaborative workforce community:

  • Education
  • Health & Human Services
  • Arts & Culture
  • Environment
  • Community Life


Robotics Technology Park

The AIDT collaborated with Calhoun Community College and globally recognized robotics companies to develop the Robotics Technology Park, training the next generation of engineers. Workers receive training while collaborating with experts from the robotics industry in the testing and development of cutting-edge automation technology. The center is comprised of three main buildings:

  • Phase I - Robotic Maintenance Training Center
  • Phase II - Advanced Technology Research and Development Center
  • Phase III - the Integration, Entrepreneurial and Paint Dispensing Training Center

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