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Why Alabama?

Alabama by Industry

Alabama Power is plugged into the vast and diverse industrial community of our home state. From aerospace to food processing, automotive manufacturing to life sciences, we have a depth of knowledge and solutions to assist in enhancing your industrial business and bringing added value to Alabama’s world-class industrial network.


Alabama has always played a prominent role in the aerospace industries. Our rich history in the space dates back to 1910 when the Wright Brothers started the nation’s first flight school in Montgomery Alabama-based scientists and engineers developed the Saturn V at the Marshall Space Flight Center to meet President John F. Kennedy’s charge to put a man on the moon in 1969. Today, the state boasts more than 400 aerospace companies, including Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Raytheon, United Launch Alliance, VTMAE. read more...


Steel has featured heavily in Alabama’s productive history, and automotive continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of industry. The state is home to four international automakers—Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. Our industrious workforce produces more than 1 million vehicles and nearly 2 million engines per year. read more...

Business & Financial Services

Several major banking institutions are headquartered in Alabama, including Regions Financial Corporation, BBVA Compass, and Superior Bancorp. Wells Fargo houses its regional headquarters here and operates a $400-million data center in Birmingham, which is also home to nearly a dozen smaller banks as well. read more...


International production facilities and a large workforce has made chemicals a top export for Alabama. DuPont, BASF, Evonik, Arkema, and Olin all operate facilitiies here. Producing chemicals including oxidants, light stabilizers, emissions catalysts and chlorine, Alabama’s large chemical workforce has been trained with finely-tuned programs developed by the Alabama Department of Commerce and AIDT. The industry accounts for more than $3.8 billion in revenue and nearly 10,000 Alabama jobs. read more...


With its bustling aerospace industry and full-service international deep-sea port, Alabama is well-suited for distribution. The state is within a day’s drive from half of the U.S. population, is located between Memphis and Alabama (two of the country’s largest air freight centers), and boasts a railroad network crucial to the Southeast. Our transportation infrastructure includes 92 public airports, 6 interstate highways, and  5 Class-1 railroads. read more...


The Alabama Film Office awards up to $10 million each year in incentives to entertainment companies that bring their productions to Alabama. Productions eligible for those credits include motion pictures, television programming, documentaries, soundtracks, music videos, commercials, and video games. read more...

Food Processing

Alabama produces a lot of food and is a national leader for freshwater fish, poultry, and peanut production. The state has more than 8.9 million acres of farmland spread out across 48,500 farms, which employ nearly 100,000 hardworking Alabamans. We grow or process $5 billion worth of foodservice products yearly for companies such as Tyson, Zeigler, Southeastern Meats, Buffalo Rock Co., Mayfield Dairy Farms, and Coca-Cola Bottling Co. United. read more...

Forest Products

Alabama is No. 1 in the U.S. in pulp production, and exports an average of 1.2 million tons of forest products annually. Industry leaders have taken steps to conserve Alabama’s lush forests, certifying more than 2.2 million acres of tree farms under the Tree Farm program. More than 600 forest-product companies call Alabama home, including Georgia Pacific, Kimberly-Clark, Kronospan, and WestRock. read more...

High Tech and R&D

Huntsville, Alabama is a center of high technology, hosting DVD & Blu-Ray production, IT infrastructure, and computer graphics companies. Tech companies such as AT&T,  ADTRAN, Avocet, Cinram, Deltacom, and Intergraph employ tens of thousands of Alabamians. read more...

Information Technology

Alabama generates $1 billion annually for the information industry and is plugged into the industry’s future. Combine the innovation happening at our top universities, our  history with NASA and the aerospace industry, and the support of the Economic Incentive Act of 2012, and you’ll see why Alabama is a leader in the future of tech. read more...

Life Sciences

Thanks to institutions such as Southern Research and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology Alabama is at the cutting-edding for health research. The fourth largest research park in the world, Southern Research is responsible for the discovery of seven cancer-fighting drugs. More than 660 bioscience companies employ more than 12,000 Alabamians. Among that number are leading companies such as Baxter, Drug Discovery Alliances, Inc., Evonik Industries, Oxford Pharmascience, and Pharmavite. read more...


Alabama’s manufacturing sector has made everything from sleek luxury cars to the Saturn rockets that helped  man walk on the moon. With a workforce 50,000+ strong, the state continues to excel in manufacturing. Noted manufacturers such as Austal, GD Copper, New Flyer, and Polaris Industries, Inc all operate facilities here. read more...

Primary Metals

Birmingham’s steel production industry earned it the nickname “Pittsburg of the South” in the late 1800s. Today we continue that tradition, with more than 1,100 metals firms employing 50,000 people. In fact, companies such as AM/NS Calvert, American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Carpenter, Nucor, and GE Aviation exported $389 million in fabricated metals in 2014. read more...

Transportation and Warehousing

With our status as one of the main transportation hubs in the Southeast, Alabama has the logistics infrastructure to help the region keep growing with worldwide connectivity. Between planes (92 airports), trains (5 Class-1 railroads), and a bustling international seaport, Alabama has a transportation network ideal for industry. read more...

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