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Alabama voters return to the polls Tuesday in runoff elections

Alabamians head back to the polls on Tuesday, June 21, for the state’s primary runoff election to determine party nominees in a number of statewide and local races.

Statewide candidates to be determined in Tuesday’s runoff are the Republican nominees for U.S. Senate, secretary of state, state auditor and two seats on the Public Service Commission, and the Democratic nominee for governor. The Republican nominee for a North Alabama congressional seat will also be selected, as well as both Republican and Democratic nominees in a number of legislative, county and judicial seats around the state.

Under Alabama law, the two top vote-getters face each other in a runoff if no candidate received a majority of votes in their respective party’s primary. The nominees from both parties then square off in the Nov. 8 general election.

To see a list of the top vote-getters in Alabama’s May 24 primary, click here. To see sample ballots for every county for Tuesday’s runoff election, click here.

Polls open at 7 a.m. Tuesday and close at 7 p.m. To vote, residents must show an acceptable form of photo identification. Approved identification includes a valid Alabama driver’s license or nondriver ID, a U.S. passport or government employee ID, or a student, military or tribal ID.

A voter on Tuesday can only cast a ballot for candidates seeking nominations in the same party that the voter selected in the primary election. “Crossing over” to vote in the other party’s runoff is prohibited.

For more voter information, visit the Alabama Votes page on the Alabama secretary of state website.