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Add these 6 energy-saving tips to your Thanksgiving list

Let's save energy! With Thanksgiving Day approaching, we often use more energy at home than usual making our favorite dishes and hosting family and friends. Gather the energy-efficient way with these 6 tips: 

1. If the party isn’t in the room, the energy usage shouldn’t be either. 
Turn off lights in rooms not being used and close doors to keep air in the rooms that are occupied.  

2. Use an Air Fryer to save time and energy. 
Air Fryers take less time to preheat, and they cook food faster, providing a great taste more conveniently.  

3. Skip dishwashing by hand and use an Energy Star-Certified dishwasher.  
Energy Star Certified dishwashers use less than half as much energy and water as washing dishes by hand. Plus, it saves you on doing more work!

4. Get your bake on.
Choose oven recipes versus stove top recipes. Cooking in the oven is more economical than surface cooking. If your oven is already heated, use this as your means of reheating food. If the food must be kept warm for an extended period, set the oven no higher than 140° to 200°. 

5. Give your furnace the day off. 
During the holidays, guests file into the house. With a houseful of people and the oven brewing masterpieces, the house will heat “itself”. So, turn down the temperature in your home as the oven and body temperature will compensate for it. 

6. Allow your warm leftovers to cool off a bit before putting them in the refrigerator. 
Letting your leftovers cool decreases the amount of energy your refrigerator will have to use to do the same job. The cooling-off period won’t affect the taste but will reduce the load on the refrigerator.  

Looking for more energy saving tips in the kitchen? Tune in to episode 3 of the Positive Energy Podcast as you prep for your Thanksgiving celebration. Make your favorite dishes, invite friends and family over, and cook for Thanksgiving the energy-efficient way.