Welcome to the new AlabamaPower.com


Thanks for visiting! We’ve completely rebuilt AlabamaPower.com to improve your experience, and give you more control over your account whenever you need it. When redesigning this site we aimed to make the site simpler and easier for you to use.

Check out some of the new features and enhancements we’d like to show you below.

It’s available on all your devices

Get access to your account anywhere, anytime, and on any device. We made AlabamaPower.com responsive so you can get what you need on the go. When you open this site on your mobile device it will first show you our quick links including; the login button, the bill payment section, the area to report an outage, how to start or stop your service, and fast access to our customer service options.

Make your usage make sense

We’ve re-designed the entire account section for you. The new version makes it easier than ever to see your power usage and make sense of it. Get insights into how you’re using electricity, and make smart changes to save money.

Get money saving tips, and see new programs

Your homepage offers more than just quick access to whatever you’re looking for. We have a whole host of energy saving tips, and new programs that might interest you. Scroll down and see some ways you can save on your bill each month.

We made it easier to find what you’re looking for

The navigation bar at the top of all pages lets you find what you need quickly. You can search our site for something specific, get access to customer service, login to your account or expand the menu by clicking the three lines to see all the sections of the site.

Put your account in your hands

We re-organized the account section based on what you’ve told us about how you access your account online. Like the rest of AlabamaPower.com, it is easily accessible on any device; your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.  The navigation has been completely re-built so you can make the changes you need to in a matter of seconds.

Quick links get you where you need to be fast

One of the most prominent features of our homepage are the quick links that take you to some of the most popular account actions you might need access to. You can log in, create an online account, get bill payment options, report an outage, start or stop your service and contact customer service.