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Plant Gorgas

Plant Gorgas is in Walker County, near the town of Parrish. It has provided safe, reliable power to Alabama Power customers for more than a century. The employees at Plant Gorgas are committed to serving customers and protecting the environment, and the plant is an important part of the local economy. The company has invested more than $853 million in environmental controls at the plant, significantly reducing emissions.   

Closing ash ponds safely and permanently

  • The company is treating and removing all water from the pond.
  • Material will be excavated and moved farther away from waterways, which will create a buffer of up to ½ of a mile.
  • Alabama Power is applying advanced engineering to construct a reinforced dike system between the facility and the river as part of the plant’s increased, robust flood-protection measures.
  • The company is installing a specially engineered, watertight barrier over the material to keep it safely in place.
  • Storm water management systems will be added to capture all rainwater runoff.
  • Alabama Power will monitor groundwater around the facility for at least 30 years to ensure ongoing protection of water quality.
  • The facility’s size will be reduced by approximately 275 acres, or by nearly a third.
  • Gorgas does not currently display footprint information


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