Our History - Environment | Alabama Power

Since 1990, Alabama Power has reduced emissions rates of two key pollutants, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, by 75 percent and 80 percent respectively. During that same period, we've increased our generation to meet Alabama's ever-growing demand for electricity. That's more power for Alabamians with fewer emissions.

In addition to ongoing efforts to reduce the company's impact on the environment, Alabama Power has been recognized as a leader in researching new ways to produce cleaner energy while meeting the state's ever-increasing need for electricity. The company's research has included pioneering work on coal gasification, mercury-reduction technology and alternative energy sources such as solar power, biomass and fuel cells.

But the company's commitment to protecting Alabama's natural resources doesn't end with emissions reductions or environmental research and technology. The company and its employees are involved in a wide variety of environmental stewardship initiatives. They include the award-winning Renew Our Rivers volunteer cleanup campaign, which has resulted in the removal of more than 14 million pounds of trash and debris from lakes and rivers.