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At Alabama Power, nothing is more important than safety. We want everyone to be safe – our customers, our employees, our neighbors and especially their children.

Kids are curious by nature, so teach them about electrical safety. Teach them that electricity does a lot of wonderful things and makes our lives easier and more comfortable. However, electricity is very fast – it travels at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) – so we must always be safe around it. 

Electricity always tries to go to the ground and one of its favorite ways is through water. And because our bodies are made of about 70 percent water, we are easy paths for electricity.

So what happens if a power line falls on your vehicle while you’re inside? Do you get out and go for help? Or stay inside the vehicle and wait for help? Do you know the correct answer? Maybe more importantly, do your kids know? If they don’t know or you’re not sure if they know, they need to see our Safe-T-Opolis program. Safe-T-Opolis is Alabama Power’s free electrical safety program that explains how and why kids can stay safe around electricity. The 45-minute program uses 11,000 volts of electricity to show what can happen if they were to exit their car and why that’s not a good idea. The program is presented by trained Alabama Power employees to fourth graders at  their schools, and to civic and community groups who request it. Safe-T-Opolis could very well mean the difference between life and death, so please schedule your group today.



By the way, the answer to the power line on a vehicle question is to call 911 and stay inside the vehicle until help arrives. The safest place to be is inside the car because the downed power line could be energizing the ground around the car. If you were to exit the car, you could become a path to ground and could be electrocuted. In our Safe-T-Opolis program, we cover this and eight other potentially fatal situations where we not only explain, but show the audience, how to be safe.


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