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Power Tools & Chords

Power tools and cords should be inspected routinely. If they have broken or frayed insulation or cause shocks, smoke, emit strange odors, or spark -- replace or repair the tool.
Check for grounding. Make sure all 3-wired tools and appliances with flexible cords are properly grounded.
Observe tagout and lockout procedures for heavy electrical equipment. Turn off power tools before unplugging; turn switches off before plugging in. Do not cut off ground prongs. This eliminates the protection grounded cords afford to you.
Extension Chords
Never substitute for permanent wiring. Keep slack in the cords. Tape when running across traffic areas. Avoid pinch points at closed doors or windows. Don't staple or nail extension cords to walls. Keep away from oil or corrosive material.
Before using an extension cord outside or in a wet area, confirm that the cord is rated for outdoor use and make sure the cord is connected to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
Make sure the amperage rating for an extension cord is greater than, or equal to, the tool you will be using. You can determine this by comparing the rating labels on both the cord and tool you intend to use.
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