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Workplace, Retail and Public Charging

While most charging will probably occur at home, companies may offer workplace charging. If you would like to charge your vehicle at work, contact your company's management to discuss options for charging infrastructure. Workplace and public charging infrastructure at shopping malls, grocery stores and restaurants are expected to become available in the future. Alabama Power actively worked on the standard plug to ensure that all charging stations would be able to operate on the various types of vehicles.

Companies can choose from a number of electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturers and should contact a certified independent electrician to add any necessary circuits. Alabama Power offers various rate options for commercial and industrial customers. Please consider our various rate options to see if another rate may be more beneficial for your business.

If you charge at an office or other location outside your home, the usage will show up on their electric bill at their current rate. Public charging stations may require usage fees at the property owner's discretion.

Fast Charging

We are currently working with the Electric Power Research Institute and other utilities to develop standards for fast charging. Fast charging is meant to provide the rapid recharge of Battery Electric Vehicles. Because of the expense, many installers will wait for demand before choosing to install a station in a particular area. It is expected as vehicle sales increase, infrastructure development will follow.

Several websites are offering charger locators including the U.S. Department of Energy.