Greening Our Community

Environmental Commitment

Alabama Power encourages energy efficient construction methods and partners with suppliers, contractors, organizations and communities who share these goals. We also work with communities and organizations to protect, improve and expand parks and green space. Here are just a few examples:

Geothermal project

We recently worked with the city of Birmingham to install high efficiency geothermal heat pumps in some of the city's recreation centers. The upgrades not only will save the city money on energy costs, but allow the center's gyms to be used year-round.

Habitat for Humanity

The Alabama Power Service Organization recently joined with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Birmingham to build a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified home. The home serves as a model for how affordable homes can also be very energy-efficient.

Volunteers used low-volatile organic compound paint; installed Energy Star lighting controls, light fixtures and appliances; added a rainwater cistern and planted grass and shrubs that require little or no irrigation. Other features include a high-efficiency heat pump water heater, low-flow shower heads and faucets, dual-flow toilets and foam insulation to keep the home airtight, reducing energy usage.

Community recycling

In addition to our own recycling efforts, we've partnered with communities to help them expand recycling. For example, Alabama Power has partnered with the city of Montevallo on its community recycling center.

Operation Power Play

We recently teamed with the city of Birmingham, Birmingham Park and Recreation Board and Birmingham neighborhoods for Operation Power Play, a joint initiative to upgrade playground equipment and beautify three city parks. The new, eco-friendly playgrounds and the playground surfaces are made from recycled materials. Volunteers with the Alabama Power Service Organization pitched in to help remove trash, plant trees and shrubs, and put a fresh coat of paint on park benches and other equipment.

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