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Energy Efficiency

See how we are helping customers save

We are focused on helping our customers find ways to use energy more efficiently – both saving them money and reducing the total amount of energy they use.

Energy efficiency and savings

As an energy company we believe we have an important role in teaching our customers about efficient and cost-effective energy use, which is both beneficial to the planet and reduces the need to increase capacity for fossil generation to meet demands during peak power usage.

Through our more than 20 energy efficiency programs we hope to educate both our industrial and residential customers on how they can use energy more efficiently. This partnership saves our customers money and reduces our peak load demands, allowing us to produce more reliable, cleaner energy.

Saving Money & Energy in Your Home

Alabama Power residential customers have a host of options to help them use energy more efficiently. They include the company's online Energy Checkup, a virtual interactive savings house and programs that provide customers with incentives to install energy-efficient appliances, heating/cooling systems and water heaters. The company also promotes energy efficiency by providing free energy-saving tips and through public education campaigns. Learn more.

Saving Money & Energy at Your Business

Employees in our Marketing group work with our business customers to improve their competitiveness by helping them find ways to use energy more efficiently. Managing commercial and industrial energy consumption is the place we can have the greatest impact on overall usage, and it is also a good thing for our state’s economy. Learn more.

Demand-side Management

Alabama Power is an industry leader in cost-effective demand-side management (DSM) programs, which are available to all of our customer segments – industrial, commercial and residential. These DSM measures and programs are designed to reduce customers’ energy bills and help them use energy as efficiently as possible. These programs also help Alabama Power reduce the need for future capital investments in new generation facilities. Learn more.

Energy Efficiency Research

Alabama Power is involved with partners on a number of projects that are testing and researching technologies that can help make homes and businesses more "green" by using less energy, reducing water use and cutting down on waste. The company also works with homeowners, businesses and governments to help them become more energy efficient.

  • Technology Applications Center (TAC) is one of our programs that provides advice and demonstrations supporting efficiency to help businesses install new technology and maintain a competitive advantage.