July 2017 Release | Alabama Power

July 2017 Release

Alabama Power continues to make improvements in how we serve you online to keep pace with the constantly changing evolution of technology. Our customers have told us they want personalized communications and enhanced education about how to better use our service. So we’ve made it even easier to learn about being more energy efficient, available payments options, and provided more digital self-service options to manage your account on-the-go.

Every change we make is to continue delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. It is our commitment to you that we keep improving our digital platforms, so it can be of better service to you. Take a look at the ongoing updates we are making to serve you better.

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Let us help you cut costs

Our new Online Energy Checkup tools allow you to get a Personalized Energy Checkup or to get an Estimated Energy checkup. These energy audit tools can help you use energy more efficiently and save. Go ahead and try it; it’s free.


My Home and Personal Usage

The Personalized Energy Checkup tool uses your actual usage data and information you enter about your home and family for a customized report.



Bill Analysis

Learn what is using the most energy in your home and learn how you can control your costs.



Savings Tip

Once you know what is using the most energy in your home, use these savings tips to control your costs.



Estimated Energy Checkup

This estimate bases information on average homes rather than your actual home information. It allows you to see how you compare to other homes like yours.



Improved support to keep your personal data safe

We’ve made enhancements to the technology that our Online Solutions team uses so they can provide you with the best service possible.

New Technology enhancements allow our Online Solutions Team to block routing and account number combinations from future misuse.