About Your Bill

Understanding Your Power Bill

How to Read Your Bill

Your Alabama Power bill includes: a 13-month usage chart, Alabama Power contact information, your Account Number and Web Access Code, information on payment programs and payment options, your power usage, your Power Plan and your bill total and detachable payment stub.


Access your bill online  or via email through our Paperless Billing program.

13-month usage chart

The Usage Information Chart provides at-a-glance information about your power usage over a rolling 13-month period. In addition, the information chart also allows you to view your average daily power usage and your power usage by month.

Contact Information

Do you need to contact us? Alabama Power’s contact information including phone numbers and our website address is located in the upper right hand corner of your power bill.

In the top right hand corner of your power bill, you can also quickly access our customer service number, how to report a power outage, or how to pay your bill.

Account Number and Web Access Code

Looking for your account number or Web Access Code?  Your Account Number and Web Access Code is also located in the top right corner of your bill.

Your Web Access Code will be needed to access your account online.

You’ll need your account number for paying your bill or talking to us about your account.

Payment Programs & Payment Options

We offer several payment programs including: Budget Billing, FlatBillAuto Pay and Paperless Billing and payment options: online payment, by mail and at a local authorized payment location so you can determine which best suits your lifestyle.

Power Usage, Power Plan and Bill Total

The details of your bill have been moved to the second page of your bill, where you can see your current usage, your plan and the total amount for your current electric services.

Mailing Your Bill Payment - (Detachable Payment Stub)

The detachable payment stub used when mailing in your payment is located at the bottom of your power bill. The payment stub displays the total payment due, the payment due date and the payment mailing address.


Payment Address:

Alabama Power Payments

P.O. Box 242

Birmingham, Alabama 35292


Power Bill FAQs