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2020 Renewable Energy RFP

Alabama Power issued on October 19, 2020, a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for renewable energy resources. This RFP is consistent with the authorization granted the Company by the Alabama Public Service Commission in Docket No. 32382.

Qualifying proposals submitted through this RFP afford Alabama Power an opportunity to review the market offerings of renewable energy resources and determine whether there are economic and viable renewable energy projects suitable for pursuit, consistent with the authorization granted. 

The deadline to submit an RFP was December 1, 2020. Bids were opened under the observation of the Alabama Public Service Commission on December 2, 2020.


Definition of Renewable Energy Resources

An eligible renewable resource is a resource that generates electricity through the use of a renewable fuel source or as a byproduct of another manufacturing or processing function that uses a renewable fuel resource as an input stock. Examples of eligible resources are:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Geothermal
  • Tidal or ocean current
  • Low-impact hydro
  • Gas derived from sewage treatment processes
  • Gas derived from solid municipal waste or landfill projects
  • Hydrogen that is sourced from renewable resources
  • Biomass materials and/or gases derived from biomass materials:*
    • Wood wastes
    • Agricultural wastes and/or residues
    • Dedicated crop production
    • Animal byproducts
    • Spent pulping liquors or other by-products from the kraft or pulping process
  • *Biomass or other materials or resources produced or derived from unauthorized or unlawful removal or destruction of state or federally protected forests, lands, wetlands or any other protected lands will not be considered to be applicable renewable fuel resources.

An environmentally specialized generating resource would be a resource that promotes environmental or other efficiencies, such as combined heat and power.