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Whether you’re in the restaurant business or operate a large facility with a commercial kitchen, the goal is the same – quality food at a savory cost. Electric cooking equipment can help you reach that goal and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Our goal is to ensure that you have top-quality equipment at an affordable price. By learning about your business, we can help you determine the type of equipment you need and recommend high-quality, used or new electric cooking equipment, often at reduced or discounted prices.

Benefits of Cooking with Electric

Whether you need new or replacement cooking equipment, electric cooking can keep your kitchen efficient and help improve your bottom line.

Popeyes Goes All Electric

Mike Cothran, Popeyes franchise owner, shares the benefits of building his restaurant with all-electric equipment.

Popeyes Goes All Electric

Visit our Demonstration Kitchen

If you own or operate a commercial kitchen, try out the latest electric cooking equipment at our demonstration kitchen in our Technology Applications Center (TAC). You can also request one of our experts to bring it to you. Click below or call 1-888-430-5787.

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How Can We Help?

Rebates and Incentives

We start by offering rebates when you purchase qualifying used or new electric cooking equipment. This can help minimize upfront costs so that you can invest in the top-quality equipment your business needs. Learn about our recent offer and how your business may qualify. 

Testing and Expertise

Before you buy any electric food service equipment for your commercial kitchen, we give you an opportunity to try it out at our demonstration kitchen. We make it easy to find all the latest electric kitchen equipment in one convenient location, so you can try it out with your products before buying, which saves you the hassle of researching equipment and possibly buying the wrong product. You may use the equipment available at our facility or – with a little advance notice – we can bring in any equipment you choose. With input from our kitchen experts at our own test kitchen, our customers can be confident about their buying decisions.

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Call our Business Service Center at 1-888-430-5787. We are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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How does your restaurant spend energy?

The chart shown here breaks down typical energy usage in restaurants by equipment type. Use this average as a "measuring stick" to help you better understand and gauge the quality of your own restaurant's energy spending. 

Full-Service Restaurants

Fast-Food Restaurants

Source: Esource



Save money and energy by following our simple energy efficiency tips.

It doesn’t take much to notice a big difference.