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In-Home Safety


Residential Energy Theft

Tampering with electrical equipment and/or stealing energy is a serious safety concern with the potential to cause electrical shock, fires, and explosions, which can lead to serious injury or death. Learn how you can help.

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Circuits, Wiring and GFCIs

See information and tips on Circuits, Wiring and GFCIs to keep your home safe.

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Appliance Safety

Let us help you determine how many watts a brand circuit can handle. We'll walk you through the steps in order to ensure your home is safe.

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In-Home Safety FAQs

If my home has structural damage, can’t Alabama Power go ahead and turn power back on before repairs are made?

No. Each county has guidelines that the company must follow in connecting service. The first consideration – for both the county and Alabama Power – is protecting the homeowner’s safety. As a general rule, a licensed contractor must make repairs and an inspection permit must be issued by the county before we can restore electricity to a damaged structure.

What is Safe-T-Opolis?

Safe-T-Opolis is a FREE interactive program presented virtually by specially trained Alabama Power employees. The program includes valuable lessons about staying safe around electricity and a video game that was especially designed for Alabama 4th graders.

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What is the Electric Academy?

Electric Academy is a resource for teachers that offers lesson plans, activities, worksheets, games and more to help cover the topic of electricity in the classroom. The resources are free, fun and built with the Alabama Course of Study Standards in mind. Learn more about our resources.