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Rebates & Incentives

Check out current offers that can help you efficiently manage your energy usage.

These offers are for a limited time. Alabama Power reserves the right to discontinue them at any time, please check back often for updates.


Home Charger

Save $500 When You Install a Level 2 Home Charger

With the help of our Home Charger Rebate, you're in charge. Receive a one-time $500 rebate for the purchase and installation of a Level 2 (240V) charger at your home.

EV home charging provides an affordable and convenient way to charge, allowing your vehicle to charge while you sleep. Learn more about the eligibility and charger criteria or click below to apply.


  • Applicant must be a residential customer of Alabama Power.
  • Residence must be a single-family home.
  • Customer must verify they own or lease a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) at the installation site.
  • Only one charger rebate allowed per installation site.

Charger Criteria

  • Charger must be a Level 2 (240V) electric vehicle charger with a dedicated circuit.
  • Customer must provide a picture of installed charger, proof of purchase and serial number.
  • Charger must have been purchased within 90 days of rebate application date.

Up to $200 Back on Smart Thermostat Purchases

Smart thermostats help you save energy, time and money at home. And for a limited time, we’ll reimburse your qualifying smart thermostat purchase up to $200. 

Smart thermostats learn your schedule and optimize your heating and cooling to run only when you need it. They also allow you to remotely control them from anywhere. Read on to learn more about eligibility and reimbursement details or click below to apply. 


Applicants must:

  • Be an active residential customer of Alabama Power

  • Purchase and install a smart thermostat on or after November 1, 2023

  • Submit proof of purchase on or before December 1, 2024, containing the following information:

    • Purchase date

    • Brand and model

    • Amount paid for the thermostat

    • Proof of payment

  • Reside in a single-family residence, including single-family detached homes, townhomes, condominiums and mobile homes

  • Multi-family residences, such as apartments, do not qualify

  • Be the homeowner or have the homeowner’s consent to install the thermostat

The applicant’s account must not have received a smart thermostat rebate or free smart thermostat from Alabama Power in the past.


  • Reimbursement amount will be based on the price the customer paid for the thermostat(s) as shown on proof of payment, not to exceed $200. Reimbursement is based on product cost only, and will not include taxes, shipping or other added costs.

  • The reimbursement will be in the form of a digital gift card sent via email from Tango Card. The original link does not expire. Customers may choose cards from a variety of vendors including Amazon, Target Chipotle and many more. The gift cards do not expire. Customers may also choose a digital Mastercard. Please note that the Mastercard option must be activated within 4 months and expires 7 months after activation.

  • Limited to one reimbursement per eligible account

Qualifying Thermostats

Thermostats must be:

Switch from gas to electric and get a water heater rebate.

$650 REBATE – Hybrid Water Heater

Looking for the most efficient water heater on the market? Hybrid water heaters, also called heat pump water heaters, can help cut your hot water costs in half – up to $150 per year on average.

Shop hybrid water heaters on or at an Alabama Power Appliance Center near you.


  • Applicants must convert from an existing gas water heater to a hybrid (heat pump) water heater; eligible water heaters must use air transfer technology to heat water (other types of high efficiency water heaters do not qualify; tankless water heaters do not qualify).
  • Qualifying water heaters must be purchased and installed within the last 90 days
  • The location where the water heater will be installed must:
    • Have an active Alabama Power residential service account (temporary service accounts do not qualify)
    • Be an existing single-family home (multi-family homes, such as apartments, mobile/manufactured homes, and homes less than a year old do not qualify) 
    • Not have received an Alabama Power Water Heater Program incentive (free equipment or rebate) in the past eight years
  • The owner of the home must apply for the rebate
  • Applicants must submit proof of purchase (receipt/invoice) containing the following information:
    • Purchase date
    • Brand, model and gallon size of water heater
    • Amount paid for the water heater
    • Proof of payment

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