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Save energy to save more money


Managing your energy usage is key to lowering your monthly power bill.
We’ve put together the following tools to help you understand how you’re using energy and ways you can become more energy efficient.    


Programs to Manage Your Account

Manage your bill to fit your budget with our billing options.

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Energy Efficiency Tips

Explore different ways you and your family can save on energy use.

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High Bill Alerts

Receive alerts when your bill may be trending higher than normal due to the weather.

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Energy Calculator

Calculate the daily use of your appliances to see where you can save.

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Daily Energy Usage Tracker

View your usage to learn when you use energy and your projected amount for your next bill.

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Personalized Energy Checkup

Learn about your home's energy use and get recommendations on how to save. 

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Payment Assistance Programs

Get help paying your power bill with programs like Project Share and Special Needs Assistance.

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Energy Savings Tip:

Set it and forget it. In the winter, try setting the temperature at 68 degrees or below. You’ll save 5% on heating costs for every degree you lower your thermostat. Better yet, purchase a smart programmable thermostat that learns your habits and senses when you’re home.

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