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Nuclear Energy

At the Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant, our top priority is protecting the safety of the communities and residents who live and work around the facility as we provide reliable and low-cost electricity.

While nuclear generation technology is very safe, and that safe operation is demonstrated every day at Plant Farley, we also work with local, state and federal organizations to maintain a comprehensive emergency preparedness program. This program includes a strong commitment to safety, emergency planning, communication with area residents and collaborative efforts with the local emergency responders.

Our dedication to safety and collaboration with the community allows us to safely create electricity using a sound, environmentally responsible fuel source that produces no greenhouse gases and accounts for three-quarters of all emission-free electric generating capacity in this country.

Because of these benefits, nuclear power provides 20 percent of the nation’s electricity and is a key element in a balanced fuel mix. It has a low production cost compared with other fuel sources, and it helps diversify our fuel mix, both for our customers and for our country.

As the second leading source of electricity after coal, nuclear power also increases our customers’ energy independence by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and helps relieve energy-cost volatility due to the fuel costs of coal and natural gas.

Nuclear power is cost-competitive and clean. Nuclear power plants:

  • Have operated safely and securely in the United States for decades.
  • Are the only large-scale generation source that emits none of the "greenhouse gas," carbon dioxide.
  • Use fuel that is available worldwide.
  • Add fuel diversity to America's energy sources.
  • Account for 50 percent of all emission-free electricity in the U.S.

Public Safety Information

Plant Farley - Alabama Power Company

Plant Farley

The Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant, located near Dothan in southeast Alabama, is owned by Alabama Power and operated by Southern Nuclear Operating Company. Each unit is capable of generating 900 megawatts, a total capacity of 1,800 megawatts. Starting in 1977, Plant Farley has generated more than 350 million megawatts of electricity. That's enough electricity to supply every Alabama Power residential customer for 25 years.


Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

We take pride in working to provide sustainable energy.

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