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Whether you're building and developing homes or office spaces, there are many advantages to choosing electric for water, cooking and heating and cooling.

Benefits of Building an All-Electric Home

To meet growing consumer demand for energy efficiency, more and more contractors are building all-electric. It not only satisfies buyers, it has all kinds of advantages for the builder.

  • Flexible installation. All-electric means you have total flexibility in locating major appliances, heating and air systems and water heaters without worrying about flue placement.
  • Less time and effort. You can completely bypass the time-consuming steps of installing gas piping and flues, hooking up gas and checking for proper installation and venting.
  • Simple inspection. Without piping and flues to inspect, it takes less time for building inspectors to pass your homes for sale.
  • Fast to market. The time you save means you can have each project completed and sold faster – for a faster return on your investment.
  • Efficiency and comfort. Electric heat pumps and water heaters are an energy-efficient feature that offers year-round comfort to buyers. 
Schedule an Energy Services Review

Schedule an Energy Services Review

Looking to improve your bottom line? From replacing aging infrastructure to installing the latest in energy-efficient technologies, our team of experts can design and implement new energy solutions based on your facility, needs and goals.

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