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Course Descriptions

Installation and Service Courses

1201 – Foundations for Troubleshooting Gas Furnaces

4 Days. Systematic implementation of dual-fuel system analysis procedure. Gain working knowledge of dual-fuel heat pump systems; proper venting, sizing of gas line, sequence of operation and proper system performance.

1501E - Basic Refrigeration and HVAC Operations

2 Days. Entry level; familiarization of refrigerant components, cycle of operation and problem recognition.

1501 - Foundations for Troubleshooting HVAC Refrigerant Systems

4 Days. Systematic implementation of the HVAC system analysis procedure and validation of actual sealed system performance of fully operational HVAC equipment.

1502E - Basic HVAC Electrical Operations

2 Days. Entry level; familiarization of HVAC electrical terminology, component identification and basic equipment functions.

1502 - Foundations for Troubleshooting HVAC Electrical Systems

4 Days. Systematic implementation of HVAC system analysis procedure; and construction of an HVAC electrical system. Gain working knowledge of the basic concepts of electricity (i.e. volts, amps, capacitance, inductance, reactance, power factor, Ohm's law, series/parallel circuits, etc.)

1503 - Troubleshooting HVAC Refrigerant Systems

4 Days. (Prerequisite 1501) Development of refrigerant system troubleshooting skills through proper and systematic routines in a laboratory setting closely simulating the technician's normal work environment.

1504 - Troubleshooting HVAC Electrical Systems

4 Days. (Prerequisite 1502) Development of electrical system troubleshooting skills through proper and systematic routines in a laboratory setting closely simulating the technician's normal work environment. Observe operation of live equipment, verify various failure operating modes, and identify the exact cause of various system failures.

1505 - Servicing HVAC Refrigerant Systems

4 Days. Brazing, unit fabrication, evacuation and charging.

1506 - Servicing HVAC Electrical Systems

4 Days. (Prerequisites 1502 & 1504) Covers such areas as functions of solid-state components used in HVAC equipment; use of meters and equipment to test and validate proper operation of components; programming of solid-state thermostats to operate equipment at specific modes on specific time schedules and override capabilities for major brands of equipment.

DET Training

2 Days. Designed to introduce the skills necessary to become a Duct and Envelope Tightness (DET) Verifier, certified to perform the diagnostic testing required for new homes by the 2009 IRC/IECC Alabama amendments.

International Ground Source Heat Pump Assn. (IGSHPA) Closed Loop Certification

3 Days. Provides the HVAC contractor with the skills necessary to properly install and evaluate residential geothermal systems. Certification exam is given at the conclusion of course. A must for quality geothermal installation.

State Board Certifications Review

3 days. Review of the books and materials required for the State of Alabama Contractor's Certification Test.

Heat Pump Overview

2 Days. Familiarization of heat pump operations, efficiency ratings, dual-fuel, air-to-air, and geothermal systems.

Airstage – Residential

Halcyon (14 State and NATE CEU's) 2 Days Fujitsu Halcyon mini-splits course covers equipment selection, application, safety, single and multi-zone refrigeration systems, proper flaring techniques, component identification and testing, compressor, motors & EEV's, and troubleshooting system errors.

Airstage – Commercial

Airstage 2 day class (prerequisite RAlrseenote) Training includes labs on how to: start up a VRF system, setting functions, how to use external inputs and outputs, how to troubleshoot this type of equipment using one of the most technically advanced tool in the market "Service Tool", identifying the components of an Airstage heat recovery unit. Classes includes component function and identification, systems operation and protections, and introduction to troubleshooting using service tool and indoor/outdoor fault codes.

*RAIT (Regional Airstage Installation Training)
RAIT training program was developed to provide introductory installation training for contractors who have not been exposed to Airstage VRF systems before, and to those who are certified with different VRF brands. The training is categorized by 8 individual modules which mimic the installation process from application to the point where the system is ready to start. This training is required before attending the Airstage 2-day class and can be completed on line. For more information call Alabama Power Training Center at 1-800-634-0154.

A2L – Low GWP Refrigerant Training

This 1 day course covers the refrigerant properties, characteristics, cycle, blends, flammable refrigerant considerations, and codes and standards for A2L refrigerants. It offers a certification exam.

1905 – Refrigerant Recovery Certification

This one day course is designed to certify all technicians involved with refrigerant handling. The course is five hours of classroom instructions with ESCO prepared study manual followed by an examination.

ASHRAE 62.2 – Residential Ventilation

This one day class is a comprehensive program focusing on residential ventilation standards.  Participants delve into the significance of ASHRAE 62.2, understanding it’s history, compliance, and ventilation system design.

CAZ Testing (Combustion Appliance Zone)

This one day Combustion Appliance Zone Testing course offers comprehensive overview for professionals in the residential weatherization field. Participants will gain insight into the importance of CAZ testing for safety and energy efficiency.

1810 – Diagnostic Testing for Weatherization (Blower Door & Duct Blower Operation)

This one day Blower Door, Duct Testing, and Zonal Pressure Testing class provides and intensive learning experience for weatherization professionals.  In this course, participants delve into building science fundamentals, mastering blower door and duct leaking testing, while also gaining valuable insights into zonal pressure testing.

Application Courses

1802 - Residential Load Calculations

4 Days. Develop industry-accepted knowledge and skills of sizing residential heating and cooling equipment through hands-on training in a classroom and laboratory setting. (Based on the Manual J approach to load calculations.)

1803 - Residential Duct Design

4 Days. (Prerequisite 1802) Complete tasks such as determining the design CFM for sizing a duct system and proper air volume for each conditioned zone, based on design heat gain/loss. Determine the type, size, number and placement of supply diffusers and return air grilles; select proper equipment configuration for selected applications; draw layout of locations and size trunk, branch and return duct. (ACCA Manual D method.)

1804 - Marketing Applications of Ohm's Law

2 Days. Assists Marketing Personnel in developing a working knowledge of Ohm's Law and power formula manipulation.

1807 - Air Duct Fabrication, Installation, Testing, and Repair

4 Days. Inexperienced personnel learn to understand and apply recommended methods and techniques for fabricating duct from fibrous board material. Experienced personnel are provided the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of fibrous duct fabrication and installation methods and practices.


3 Days. Designed to enhance the participant's skills to use computer software applications to calculate residential loads, design ducts, and to introduce the other program modules. (Prerequisite Course 1802/ACCA 0Manual J)

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